V7 Ranch

Why We Do This

Besides generally enjoying meeting new people from so many places, we also get a kick out of seeing the "wild west" through the eyes of others. After living on the ranch our whole lives, it brings us a new perspective and appreciation of what we may have taken for granted from time to time. We love sharing our lifestyle with others, too.

The cattle market has not kept up with inflation because in the US, we have a cheap food policy. Thirty years ago 10 beef calves would buy a brand new car. Today it takes 75 beef calves to buy a brand new car. We are receiving the same price today for our commodity as we were thirty years ago.

Thirty years ago we were paying 45 cents a gallon for diesel. Obviously our operating expenses have all gone up. Had cattle kept up with inflation, instead of costing $1500, a mother cow would cost $3500. Thus, one has to diversify in order to survive and that has brought us into the fee hunting arena.

V7 Ranch
401 Highway 555
Raton, NM 87740