V7 Ranch

We Own the Land - We Take Care of It

The V7 Ranch is privately owned with over 34,000 acres. It is a combination of prime grazing and hunting land with lush grasslands and towering mountains, streams and rolling hills.

The reason our hunting success rate can be maintained is that we, the land owner, strictly control access to the hunting areas. You will not have any competition from other hunters. You will not see trucks or 4 wheelers. The cattle are moved to other parts of the ranch during hunting seasons. The fair chase spot and stalk method is used when hunting. Our grazing techniques and game management through hunting harvests, predator control and time of year of the hunts are all designed to help the wildlife feel comfortable.

Cattle grazing is done on a high intensity, short duration and rest rotation system. The country hunted for elk has been grazed for four months during the winter. Once the cattle are moved, the pasture is rested for new growth during the growing season.

Contrary to popular beliefs, we are the original conservationists seeing that we are trained a lifetime to take the best possible care of the land and animals we have been intrusted with. Our livelihoods & the future of our children depends upon that!

V7 Ranch
401 Highway 555
Raton, NM 87740