V7 Ranch

Who We Are

  • John, (deceased Dec 2011) father and grandfather, greatly missed.
  • Christy, President & present matriarch, John's widow and wife to James, mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother.
  • Misty, Vice-President, daughter, mother and grandmother. She and her husband Jim, live on another edge of the ranch complex.
  • Hannah, granddaughter, daughter to Misty, wife to husband Sean and mother to children Laci Rose, Isaac and Samuel.
  • Caleb, grandson and son to Misty.
  • Kees, grandson, son to Misty, husband to Lexi and father of Torielle.

We are a very close knit, Christian, working family of many generations on this ranch. All of us are involved in ranching operations including cattle work and the hunting operation. V7 ranch is a registered corporation in New Mexico as Sub Chapter S. With the exception of the grandchildren at present, the rest are share holders. John had a Bachelor of Science in Range Science from New Mexico State University. His knowledge has been very valuable to the grandchildren who spent many hours with him. He was a fantastic teacher and the family is fortunate to have been able to learn under him.

V7 Ranch
401 Highway 555
Raton, NM 87740