V7 Ranch

Meat Handling

We take pride in our carcass handling. We bring the animal in whole and hang it, where we then remove the entrails so as to keep the area where the animal was harvested, free of predators and maintain a low impact to that area. We then remove the hide and take the carcass to the local processor like a whole skinned beef. Once at the processor, you have a host of options. Most hunters prefer the standard cuts off their carcass, but one could have the entire animal ground for hamburger or sausage, or else thin sliced for jerky, depending on what one is willing to spend. The standard cut carcass is the most economical way to go.

The processor also offers to bone and freeze solid your game meat for much less. If that is your choice and you have your own vehicle, then dry ice may be purchased at the Wal-Mart in Trinidad (17 miles north of Raton), or at the local Super Save grocery store in Raton. Many of our hunters fly into one of the major cities like Albuquerque, Denver, or Colorado Springs and rent a car. Note that airlines do not allow dry ice on board so if you fly, we can have the meat frozen solid and it will make the trip, or it can be shipped. We can also make heads and capes airline ready if needed. We have a local taxidermist that does a terrific job. It also helps support our local economy and we appreciate it.

V7 Ranch
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