V7 Ranch

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*We are currently booked for all hunts through 2028.  We are currently booking for all hunts in 2029 and 2030.*


“HOWDY” from the beautiful high country of Northern New Mexico. We are glad you have visited our website so stay awhile, look around and check out all we have to offer. The V7 Ranch has a rich history and the people who live and work here now are part of that. We would love to have you visit us! When you do, we know you'll soak in a little of that richness yourself. Everyone who stays with us creates a little more of the ranch's history. If you are looking for an exceptional hunting experience, the V7 Ranch is the place for you!

We run a private game reserve, so when you hunt with us you won't be competing with other hunters. In fact, with 34,500 acres to hunt, you will have a wilderness to yourself. Whether you are seeking elk, deer, antelope, or turkey, our experienced guides will work very closely with you to ensure the best experience on your hunt.

V7 Ranch
401 Highway 555
Raton, NM 87740